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Four Square Media Pvt.Ltd

Business Brief : Four Square Media Pvt.Ltd


Four Square Media Pvt.Ltd

202, A-31-34, Jaina Extension, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar Commercial Complex, Delhi- 110009 - 110009 .

Phones +91-011-27655127
Fax +91-011-27655130
Member Since22 Feb. 2014
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Four square media pvt ltd has become a force to reckon with in the arena of business newspapers . Group has been growing exponentially since its inception in 1987 when it started publishing its first newspaper “tender world”.  Over the span of 26 years, professionally managed company has emerged as the single largest publisher of business newspapers in the country.  An iso 9001:2008 certified company is now publishing twelve different  industry specific newspapers,

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