About Us

AREFRIZ.com is the only Industry resource of its kind that provides comprehensive details of the companies, manufacturers and supplier to the users. It’s a complete product guide & product Search on Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry under different categories & Sub-categories. AREFRIZ.com provides Keyword search and listing of different companies, suppliers and service provider with live links & email lead form to contact them directly.

Listing Features

So these are all the things you can expect from our listings!

Up to 1000 words to describe your company services / history logo & Images to make your listing stand out A built in contact form for each listing, allowing customers to contact you without lifting a phone. This is great because it can be a lead generator for your sales people. Embed a youtube video into your listing is you need to. Add a brochure for people to look at or download in PDF format. Google maps, contact details and all the other standard information are available. Our website is mobile device friendly, and can be accessed from almost any smart device Each listing is done individually, no software work. We take pride in doing our best in making each listing unique to each customer.We are constantly looking at ways to add value to the listings, and make them more effective.

Facilities in AREFRIZ.com

Quick Search provides searching directly through pin code or even directly through sub-categories.

Search By Industry

AREFRIZ.COM provides Industry-wise listing of companies under different categories & Sub-categories. The listing comprises of addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail, contact name and product details. You can use the feature “location on map” to get direction. The other features include “Contact Advetiser” through emails. You can also send the details to your friend through “Send link to friends”.

Technical Information

Technical information related to air-conditioning and refrigeration industry is available for your ready reference.

News & Articles

Latest news and related articles are incorporated on regular basis to update you about the latest in the industry.

Seminars & Exhibitions

Details of ongoing and forthcoming seminars and exhibition with complete details are available for your information.

Job Vacancy

Exclusive industry dedicated online recruitment site where as an employer you have the facilities to put the requirements and recruit from wide number of database available matching the exact requirement. A great facility for the students and job seekers, to register themselves free and get the desired position in the desired Industry.

Tender Information

A ready reference to get the details of almost all the tenders related to air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Buyer Seller Zone

Exclusive online buyer seller zone, where you can buy and sell any product very easily. To buy any required product, simply post your requirement and you will get a number of competitive rates in the support from the reputed seller.

To sell your products, simply click the photos of the product and post to get a number of prospective buyers.

Featured Advertisers

Companies can put advertisement in different formats to get the maximum reach of their product and services.

Signup and Get in touch

When any website is launched, it’s filled with relevant content for the market its aimed at. Before AREFRIZ.COM was launched we started a content drive where we scoured the internet for we though customers would look for and we looked for companies with websites that we could use to showcase. This also means your company has been listed there for free since we launched. These are slowly going to get filtered out and replaced. We have a special package to say THANKS if you signup and get in touch.

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Updation in AREFRIZ.COM Updation of your listing is also very easy. Just drop us a mail with the desired changes and we will updated the same in no time. Send the corrections to AREFRIZ@gmail.com with a subject line –Update listing

Listings in AREFRIZ.COM

If by any chance your company is not listed in this website, you can easily get the listing. Listing is very easy. You can either fill the online form, or send us your business profile. We will take it and convert it into a listing

or send your profile to AREFRIZ@gmail.com with a subject line –Free listing