How it Works

In today’s world, on-line presence is the forefront of every business. It’s a most effective tool to promote and market the product and services and grow our business to a new height.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you manufacture a product or provide a service that everybody would like to know about?/p>

Would your company benefit from having a strong online presence for your product?

Do you have a website for your company and is it really generating business for you?

Can you afford not to have a digital footprint leading customers to your website?

Are you listed in an online business listing website?

Having on-line presence or website for your company is very important these days, but it still relies on search engines to match your content to a search, then it lists it with millions of other similar content. Most customers don’t bother to browse millions of listing results and that is the reason for the minimum footprint to your website, resulting in poor business. So if you don’t feature in the first few results, chances are that your website will not be seen, unless a user is looking for you specifically.

This is where comes in. It is a only business portal for air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. It contains almost all the relevant information and details related to this industry. We streamline the process by arranging everything in a logical and easy to understand format, which is very easy to use. We are the digital footprint that leads customers to you. We make all the effort to promote your company for the relevant customer.

How does it work?

We create your listing from the information available in different reliable source from the market, and send you a link to view.

We also provide you a unique ID and Password to edit your listing.

After the acceptanceor approved your listing is live and out there for all to view.

You can also put the promotional materials like brochure, leaflets and catalogue.

Use pictures to enhance your listing.

You can also publish the advertisement for the better reach of your product after switching to Premium membership.

Once you are in, you will find a lot of promotional activities to promote your product and services.

You can keep yourself updated with the latest and useful information related to this industry.


Now you are live with all your important information, in an easy to access and understand format for the clients to look at. The user can use several different methods to search for the desired product. Your detailed listing will appear on every search very quickly and efficiently. We can add links to your website for better information and result.

We want you to see the benefits of using a service like ours.Let us help you take your company to the next level.